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Helpful Tips If You’ve Recently Been Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

Helpful Tips If You’ve Recently Been Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness Photo Credit:   Many people live with chronic conditions, especially as they get older. Ailments like diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis become more prevalent as we age. If you’re 30-plus and have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may…

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The Benefits  of Art and Music Therapy for Those in Recovery

  The Benefits  of Art and Music Therapy for Those in Recovery   As someone in recovery, your sobriety journey is intensely personal. To be sure, even though you are probably doing the same thing that others are in their recovery — eating healthy, exercising, avoiding trigger spots and people, and attending meetings — the…

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Live your best life after 65 – Health tips for seniors by Hazel Bridges

Live Your Best Life After 65 – Health Tips for Seniors   Live your best life after 65 – Health tips for seniors. Who says the quality of life goes down as you age? The truth is many seniors find that things get more interesting with each new silver strand that pops up. Your retirement…

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Weekend Wisdom with Humansense

Weekend Wisdom with Humansense – Positive Intentions

Positive Intentions Often at the start of a new year, we make resolutions, and often these can be hard to maintain. Setting positive intentions can be more beneficial in maintaining and motivating personal progress.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions influence and therefore create our experiences of the World. Setting intentions, unlike goals, allows us to…

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Positive Mental Health for 2021 – Create a Covid Mindset

Living in the age of Covid – Create a Covid Mindset When the Corona virus pandemic hit in January 2020 who would have thought that at the start of  2021 many of us across the globe would still be living life in lock down or under curfew.  Christmas 2020 will certainly be one to remember.…

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mens stress

Men’s Mental Health – Stress

 Men’s Mental Health and Stress – Its time to “Speak Out” Global statistics indicate that 1 in 6 of us over the age of 16 will experience stress, anxiety or depression at some point in our lives. Although both men and women encounter similar levels of stress men are less likely to report physical and…

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Uncovering the Narcissist

What is a Narcissist? Narcissists are individuals who tend to go through life –  refusing to take responsibility for their behaviour’s and actions. Are quick to blame others for their own short comings. Show a complete lack of genuine empathy for others. Feel they are entitled or special and have difficulty in maintaining meaningful relationships. Types…

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Grow the Sun- get growing sunflowers for well being

Get growing sunflowers for well being Want to get in touch with nature? Want a bit of colour in your life? Then get Growing sunflowers for all-round well-being! Out of all the flowers, you can grow sunflowers cannot be beaten. They are not just beautiful but they are also so easy to grow.  Sunflowers are…

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Essential Oils and Winter Health

What are Essential oils? Essential oils are the life essence of plants.  They can be extracted from various parts of plants and used therapeutically to enhance well-being naturally. Essential oils are made up of chemical compounds which have a particular effect on the body systems.  Essential oils are potent. Used appropriately essential oils can have a…

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The Power of Positive Intentions

The Gift of Intention Many of us spend more time in reflection at this time of year.  We are near the end of one year and entering into a new one very soon. Focusing our mind on what we have experienced helps to focus our thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly as…

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