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Humansense, developed by us Niki and Dom comes from our passion and desire to help support people. We have been working as therapists for over 10 years and have had the privilege to work alongside individuals and couples who have wanted to make changes in their lives or needed support through life changes.

We might be professional counsellors but we are human beings first and understand how life can throw things at you, experiencing ourselves, situations that have caused difficulty and upset. We believe that working with “human sense” enables us as to really appreciate and understand empathically the very human situations and issues that you are dealing with.

We believe that the relationship between client and counsellor is of the upmost importance. We understand that deciding to have some therapy is often a big decision for many. It takes a lot of courage to make the first step in asking for some help with difficulties being experienced. Trust, respect and confidentiality are the keystones in our therapeutic relationship with clients.

We appreciate that not everyone wants regular therapy sessions for whatever reason. Being able to have some input on a more informal but regular basis is helpful with understanding and managing issues or to improve their knowledge and awareness of themselves.

Through our work we know quality and ease of information is vital when feeling stuck or in crisis. Our aim is to create a resource base that operates on various levels for anyone to access.  The resources that we offer are either free to download or are available to download for a small cost.  We offer a variety of therapy session formats that have taken into account our experience of client needs. These include traditional one to one therapy sessions, couple therapy sessions, small group sessions and bi monthly ongoing self help support via email / phone.  Have a look at our services page and our resources.

What is HumanSense?

Humansense is the culmination of the individuals experience of, empathy for and position on their existence up to this point in their lives and how they transfer or project that into everyday life and relationships. Sounds grand, but simply put, how we sense the world around us at an individual human level, an example might be, gut feelings, the immediate sense of wrongness sometimes ascribed to a person or situation for no apparent reason, or alternatively the sense of connection one can feel with a brief encounter or new friend.

In Buddhist philosophy, Ayatana which means “sense-base” includes the mind as a sense organ as well as the traditional five of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  The mind considered by itself is seen as the principal gateway to a different spectrum of phenomena that differ from the physical sense data. This way of viewing the human sense system indicates the importance of internal sources of sensation and perception that complements our experience of the external world.

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