Grow the Sun- get growing sunflowers for well being

Get growing sunflowers for well being

Want to get in touch with nature? Want a bit of colour in your life? Then get Growing sunflowers for all-round well-being! Out of all the flowers, you can grow sunflowers cannot be beaten. They are not just beautiful but they are also so easy to grow.  Sunflowers are quick to gain height so they are an ideal starter gardening project for all ages. Bees love them so you will be helping the environment by encouraging them in your garden or space and with some species of sunflowers, you can eat the seeds or provide winter sustenance for the birds. Win!


Spring is here…

The days are getting longer, brighter, and warmer. Spring is officially here. This time of year nature bursts into life, spring flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming and animals are in the process of their mating rituals. There is a definite spring in nature’s step.  For humans, the increase in daylight hours is a real boost to our physical and emotional well-being.

 Nature and its Impact on well being

There’s a mountain of research highlighting what we all know to be true, nature is good for us and has both long and short-term physical and mental health benefits.  Regular outdoor activity provides a number of physical benefits, it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, lowers the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, these are just a few of the benefits.  A simple activity such as a stroll in the park can aid fitness through gentle exercise as well as provide an array of colours, sights and sounds that aid relaxation and calm the senses.

Spending time in and around nature helps with reducing stress and anxiety.   Researchers at the University of Essex conducted a survey where they found that 94% of the individuals believed that spending time in nature and connecting with it help them to have a positive mood. Other studies such a those by Ulrich, Kim, and Cervinka show that time in nature or scenes of nature help to increase mood and emotional wellbeing, meaningfulness, and a sense of vitality.

Get in touch with nature

I remember years ago when I first started training as a therapist. I was coping with my own issues of anxiety. My mentor encouraged me to start planting some flowers and veggies.  There was something about getting my hands in the earth, nurturing the seedlings, and seeing them grow and develop that was deeply satisfying yet so simple it allowed me to refocus, ground and generally feel better.  I grew some sunflowers.  They were easy, quick and when they bloomed they were beautiful! I was hooked.


Growing Sunflowers – nature therapy at its best!

Bring nature to you – Get some nature therapy wherever you are!  Growing sunflowers is a simple way to engage with nature or bring a bit of nature to you. It doesn’t matter where you live. Plant them in your garden, on your allotment, in a pot on your balcony, or even on a sunny window ledge.  Seeing your plant develop and bloom can bring about a wonderful sense of achievement and change your environment.

Encourage nurturing and responsibility – growing sunflowers are great to do with children. It helps to develop responsibility by taking care of something by regular watering and making sure it has the right growing conditions. This can also be a good activity for people who experience dementia as it can help to spark memories of once-loved activities, provide a focus and conversation topics.

Educational and social – sunflower growing provides lots of opportunities to learn and share experiences. Learning about the cycle of life, maths (measuring your giant), and spending time together. It’s a great activity for across the generations, having fun together, sharing experiences, and creating memories.

Being in the moment – even the simple act of planting and nurturing seeds can really help to calm and soothe the mind and is a wonderful grounding activity that can reduce stress and aid relaxation.

Sunflowers by post

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Happy growing 😉

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