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Life Buff subscription – What’s included and what is it?

  • The daily dose

Many people take vitamins daily to help boost physical health. The daily dose of Humansense is a bit like a daily vitamin for the mind and soul.  By subscribing  you will get your daily dose sent to you via your computer, tablet or phone.

The daily dose includes a range of bite size pieces of useful information and inspiration. Increase your positivity and motivation or to help boost confidence and reduce anxiety.

Positive quotes – to get your day off to a good start and inspire your thinking and increase your mindfulness.

“Did you Know”? messages –  factual bits of information focused around boosting emotional health and well being. As therapists, we have found that people can only start to make changes to improve their well being if they are given the right information or tools to do so, therefore “did you know”? is based on facts and research to empower you to make choices that are going to be helpful to you.

“Try it out” experiments – little experiments or challenges encouraging you to test out your thinking and develop confidence building behaviours. Increase positivity and feelings of happiness.

  • Humansense Forum

The forum’s aim is to provide a supportive and interactive community for subscribers. Its a place to ask questions and share information and ideas. It is also a space to share results and feedback about the “try it out” experiments as well as useful tips and suggestions on promoting emotional well being.


  • Free downloads of Humansense e books – we are developing a series of e books covering a wide range of topics including Understanding and Managing Anxiety, Managing Long term Health conditions and Managing Emotions.
  • Online workshops (coming soon) – we are developing workshops such as coping with anxiety, understanding change, coping for carers and coping with conflict.  We offer 25% discount on any online workshop you wish to attend.
  • 1:1 counselling sessions – as a Life Buff subscriber we offer you a 15% discount on counselling sessions with us.



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